posted on 6.3.20 / posted in After

Jettisoning the dead weight of media

I deleted my Facebook account two years ago. It was the second account I’d removed in ten years. Both times created because Facebook seemed like something I should have and something I should do, but it left me feeling sick, like I’d binged on enough junk food to throw up.

Twitter used to be kinda fun, but that’s over. How many frivolous things have lost their simple appeal in the last 4 years? Twitter is like the trend for murder became live-streaming it from the victim’s phone. At some point all phones will be weapons.

Bye Twitter.

Instagram seemed like a safe bet. Images of dogs and meals, inspirational vistas. But no, anything can become malignant during the collapse of a failed state. You log in one day to everyone posting the same solid image, in solidarity, and you think, I’ll take a knee. You put up the graphic and hashtag, only to be ripped to shreds for what a horrible person you are for a set of reasons that didn’t exist a few hours earlier.

Jesus, it really is Lord of the Flies now.

So long, Instagram. And the influencers you rode in on.

It’s all junk food, standing in the way of better, healthier choices. Even no choice is better, until I can figure out what those choices should be, for me, and the state of the world. Patreon seems like a good place to start. Medium deserves a second chance (looks like the old logo is back). Change the station in my head a few times a day and listen to someone else’s experience.