Everything you thought you forgot or didn’t care about eventually comes back to bite you in the ass.

  • There are no adults here.
  • 1.5.21

and sadly, no children.

  • Call together the council of selves
  • 8.20.20

we’re getting the band back together

  • The lazy transcendence of subways
  • 8.13.20

don’t get to the point

  • The banality of a mid-life crisis
  • 8.5.20

skip it, it’s a misdirection of mind

  • The Postal Service
  • 7.15.20

I’m not coming out until this is all over

  • A few decades without bell laps
  • 6.30.20

Getting over the undone and unsaid

  • When your sea change comes in a bottle
  • 6.22.20

save the hardest work for first

  • I am scratching at the locks with my fingernails
  • 6.19.20

I would sacrifice my teeth to be free

  • when America was burning
  • 6.16.20

I was already in Tromsø

  • This is narcolepsy
  • 6.11.20

please mark me present

  • Jettisoning the dead weight of media
  • 6.3.20

The last one to leave, turn on the lights

  • Recognizing lost significant moments
  • 6.1.20

so you don’t keep doing that shit

  • Today is very much like yesterday
  • 5.29.20

hope is an act of defiance

  • I don’t know what I’m doing here
  • 5.28.20

I’ll do it anyway